Are you digging for balance?

Remember your dreams? Those visions and words in your mind that whispered from your soul?

Is it time to stir things up in your life?  This week lets look at some strategies to do just that.

Who is in your inner circle?

Who is your posse?

This is usually the first place to review, reflect, reassess and execute change.

Don’t bury yourself with unmotivated, negative people in your life.  Don’t have guilt if you have to ‘clean house’.

We move by doing, not allowing our feelings to guilt us.  Ask yourself right now, “What’s inside of me?”

If something you did may have not worked out as it should have, that does not mean it’s a failure.  This is the best time for quiet.  Reflection.

You have no time for the critics or naysayers.  Allow that to come in one ear and out the other.

Sometimes the best Rx is self-evaluation.  Yes, perhaps it’s you that is the problem.  Being a lifelong learner and open to growing and learning as a person in both your personal and professional life.

We must live a life of purpose.  

Every day take the opportunity to learn one new piece of information.

Every day hone your listening skills.  Listen to process — not to respond.

You will always have that one person who will offer you adversity. It’s your sole responsibility to keep your dreams alive and eternal.

Stay focused.

Keep the faith.

Know that you are meant to stand out.

Play big and bold.

All of the seeds that you have planted will grow and come to fruition when it’s the right time.

Delay is and will always be part of the process. Prepare for it, accept it and ebb and flow.

Be your own cheerleader!

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