Are you a receiver?

It’s very hard at times to always be a giver.  You must allow yourself to receive and allow that element of balance into your life, in business and your personal life.

During the course of a work week, I speak with many professionals across various sectors in business.

The latest conversation that seems to be repetitively spoken to me is the question of “why” people expect that their knowledge should be given freely and not compensated.

This opens up a whole can or worms and this weekly blog could go in many directions.

Confidence and how you present yourself is key. They are many professionals who want to give and give and don’t implement boundaries.

If you are quick to always be the “yes” I can professional than you are setting yourself up for individuals to take advantage of you and quite frankly your knowledge.

Networking and communicating effectively is the simple equation.

You and your business are not for free. When you developed your business plan, crafted your vision and executed your dream it was not for you to enter a volunteer role.

Our dreams for our businesses are to make money.  That’s not to say we do not want balance in helping out our community, having a belief system from our upbringing to see that philanthropy is and will always be the best offering we can give to another human being.

Keep referring to those professionals around you who can help anyone who may ask.  Frame it in such a way of the offering and the cost so that there is not an expectation in the referral process or a lack of understanding or miscommunication.

Boundaries are the key.  If you do not instill them, people will and do take advantage.  You have set fees for a reason — don’t be afraid to have the confidence to communicate that to others.

I don’t just sing for free. It’s my work. You’re paid for what you do. And I work hard.
Celine Dion

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