Achieving a Breakthrough with Balance

This week I feel compelled to write my blog about dreams.  They are the foundation of our being. It’s what we think about, visualize and in the case of the graphic above, for some people, it’s a prayer and a faith that cannot be broken.

Many of my clients develop their goals very well.  Setting SMART goals is always a great strategy to gain clarity, have vision and make ourselves accountable to achieve our ‘said’ goal on the date specified.

What happens when you arrive at the date and your goal is not achieved?  I like to refer to this as the drive thru affect.  Let me explain.

Life will always hand us barriers, challenges, change or sometimes it will pluck us out of a situation whether it’s a relationship, your dream job, etc.

Many people are shocked, stressed and really surprised when life pulls them out of what they thought was perfect.

Sometimes, it’s not what you see with your eyes that matters.  It’s what your heart and gutfeel, call it intuition if you will.

A few years ago I had a wonderful consulting contract and thought that I was in the best role of my life. I was happy, challenged, hanging out with senior citizens and utilizing some of my skills. When my contract ended and they did not renew me for another year I was devastated.  Stopped flat in my tracks!

What I realized in hindsight, is that I am destined for bigger and better. When your dreams take you past a point that you could never imagine and are constantly residing in your thoughts and reminiscent in your dreams, it’s lying in your subconscious, it has purpose and the date may not be up to you!

It’s taking the leap of faith outside of the comfort zone and executing those big, scary dreams of yours!

Affirmations are a huge part of my daily mantra and my holistic being.  Let’s try a few right now! You can say them aloud or in your thoughts.  Your choice here:

  1. I am wise.
  2. I am healthy.
  3. I am determined.
  4. I am patient.
  5. I am motivated
  6. I am focused.
  7. I am prosperous.
  8. I am valuable.
  9. I am free.
  10. I am successful.

How does that make you feel? Amazing!

Listen to your inner genius. I can guarantee you if you do, you can and will change the world.

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