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Inner Capital Balance


Inner Capital Balance

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]This week, I allowed myself to literally ‘feel all the feels.’ Call it a self-audit of my inner capital. I must confess my balance wasn’t zero; it became officially overdrawn.

Have you ever had so many things in your mind that your brain feels like a computer with way too many windows open, and all you want to do is CTRL+ALT+DEL? On a cognitive level, you are done, spun, empty, and need a hard reset.

I finished Friday and turned my computer off. I also made a conscious decision that I do not want or need to have my cell phone or social media at my forefront for two days. I also decided what I wanted versus what I needed on my cell phone. Part of my self-audit was looking at what needed to be on my iPhone.

As much as I love technology, I have never liked the 24/7 connectivity. It’s a beautiful thing for emergencies, but notifications have to go. I spent some time removing many apps and what did not need to be on my cell phone anymore and happily turned on the beautiful ‘purple crescent moon’ icon on my iPhone. Ah, relief and power in a nanosecond. I am free!

Since being home, I am zoomed out. I am webinar’ed out. I am grateful that we can connect with these tools but enter information overload mode. Can you relate?

This week allowed me an opportunity to re-evaluate my self-care, especially my mental self-care. My analysis is that more frequent breaks are required. When we are thinking all day and communicating, we are “on.” As much as we need to get up from our desk and not be sedentary, we need a cognitive rest and reset to align with the physical reprieve at the same time.

I am integrating extra quick walks (around the block). Intermittent one song dance parties, 5 minutes on my rebounder.(mini-trampoline). A few runs up and down the stairs. A good laugh. 6 deeps breaths and an excellent YOL! (yes, yell out loud.).

As we embrace the week ahead, plan to schedule and schedule to plan time for you. My strategy is frequent, intermittent, yet sometimes spontaneous breaks to rejuvenate and reset on all levels. It’s vital for your overall well being.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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