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Digital Obesity


Digital Obesity

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]This week has continued to be a whirlwind of news, emotions, setbacks, and acceptance for many people. It’s also the opportunity for our digital behavior to become obsessive, hence the title for this weeks’ HOPE Weekly.

Do you journal? You do not need to have a fancy, a beautifully bound book to do this. A simple piece of paper will suffice. It’s essential to wake up with joy, gratitude, and the ability to ‘think’ and plan your day. It allows you the time and space to ‘think’ and carve out your day and initiate your action with a self-directed mindset.

When we are in the flow of a routine, we thrive because we are adhering to both discipline and structure. Most executives and their teams have transitioned home as have their teams and are working remotely. Enter a new mindset of how to implement control and structure from home with spouse and child(ren).

Do any of these scenarios resonate with you?

  1. It’s effortless to become distracted, especially if you do not have an allocated space in the home to work.
  2. It isn’t effortless to share my home office with my spouse.
  3. Balancing the childcare is complicated with our work expectations is a juggling act.
  4. First Responders/Front Line Workers have long shifts and work shift work (days/evenings), and this is also a scheduling barrier now that we don’t have access to babysitters and extended family to help.
  5. I know I am spending more time than I should at my desk and overdoing it. It’s only been a month, and I am exhausted on all levels.

I am sharing the above list as these have been consistent conversations for me since the onset of being home. The morning routine is crucial to beating digital obesity. If you carve out your day with time to ‘think’ and embrace the quiet while you have your cup of coffee and wake up to the world with your thoughts, it allows your day to unfold in a way that you are approaching everything with logic opposed to emotion. You can cope better, make intelligent decisions, and are proficient in all that you do.

I’ve decided to add a new section this week and end with the Tip of the Week.

Here’s to you waking up with gratitude, calmness, journal, and pen in hand and thoughts for a well-crafted day.

  • Track all your ‘wins’ for the day
  • Review the list at the end of the day
  • See how your structure and discipline lead you to be proficient
  • Smile as you review your day!
  • Remind yourself that small wins over time always lead to the achievement of big goals


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