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Are you BEing mindful?


Are You BEing Mindful?

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]This week gave me a massive shift in perspective in many areas. I found myself returning to “BE” mode a lot. Have you considered stopping, pausing, reflecting, seeking silence, and solace to gain clarity? Stillness is genuinely the key to success. When we leave space to change our behaviour patterns, it opens up limitless possibilities.

Structure and discipline are two areas that most people struggle with in their lives. When we can release the need to be perfect and focus our attention to center around our commitment, we can serve the world more and with complete equanimity. We are not to DO and function 24/7. How can we BE the best version of ourselves and to others?

As an executive coach, it’s a beautiful space when you see and allow your clients to witness their behaviour. It’s that quintessential ‘aha’ moment if you will. Once we observe our practice, we understand the ‘why’ and can move beyond, which is fulfilling on many levels.

I had several discussions this week about BEing and feeling awakened. Allow the world to let each of us shine our light and not be afraid of doing so. When fear sets in, it’s an on-ramp to emotional blockage, feeling distressed and overwhelmed, and that’s the time to BE and pause and breathe. Happiness is always a choice, and we can think our way out of fear in a nanosecond.

When we have too many tasks or projects on the go, we do not serve anyone of them with 100% clarity or focus. Prioritize, set a timer (start with 30 minutes) and work uninterrupted. I call them intent sessions. Most clients say to me they cannot believe what they got accomplished. When we set our intent and “go,” the time becomes irrelevant as you are laser-focused to get the job done! Turn the phone off, get clear, focus, and DO. The intent will have that list of tasks or projects done in no time at all.

Mindfulness is our influence on our connection with everything. It’s time to say goodbye to those sabotaging thoughts. Know that at this moment, you are whole and complete. You do not have to ‘chase’ the next task, project, goal, deadline. Stay in your lane. Go at your pace with clarity, organization, and be mindful. Allow yourself to embody integrity with the heart and the present moment.

There is no destination, join me on enjoying the joy along the journey.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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