Work – Life – Fit!

This week can be described in one word. WOW!

I had the honor and privilege of being invited to CanFitPro Expo 2016 in Toronto and also to present on my favorite topic #worklifebalance.

To speak to personal trainers and gym owners (entrepreneurs) on strategies for work-life balance was exhilarating!

From this day forward, I have now changed the phrase #worklifebalance to #worklifefit as I have realized over the past 5 years of speaking and writing on this topic that balance is a word that people struggle with.  #fit is a better choice and helps you “lean in” feeling it can be “integrated” into your life.

My presentations focused on two elements of #worklifefit.  Stress resilience and boundary management.  I witness a lot of “bobbing” heads and “aha” moments for people in the audience.

Prior to CanFitPro I also was honored to attend the Women Who Influence lunch and spent the day with 200 women who are making a difference in this world. The energy in the room was immeasurable and I came away with many new friends and potential colleagues with similar interests and like-mindedness.

When setting goals to look at your life and have #worklifefit you need to be patient.

I wanted to share with you 10 tips that  I gave at CanFitPro for leading a life with Work-Life Fit!

10 tips to help you develop better habits that will turn into a life of work-life fit!

  1. Change your attitude
  2. Start small
  3. Schedule reminders
  4. Say goodbye to bad habits
  5. Bring in support
  6. Be realistic about your expectations
  7. Start now for 30 days
  8. One habit at time
  9. Daily self-care (one hour)
  10. Reward yourself!

The best part of my time at CanFitPro was listening and meeting Tony Horton.  At 58 years old, he talks his talk and walks his walk.

We as human beings are not meant to sit and be sedentary.  You MUST move every day and keep your body healthy, happy and full of vitality.

This week has only increased my knowledge and reinforced that my fitness journey of increasing my self-care to the next level was not only the best thing to do but so rewarding and fun!

Representing #worklifefit is being a product of the product. When I am speaking and coaching I always let my clients know that I too am a work in progress. Personal and professional development is and will always be a part of my daily life.

Here’s to you getting ‘one’ nugget from this week’s blog.

“No one ever hurt their eyes by looking on the bright side” – Deborah Crowe

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