What I learned from Michelle Obama

I choose to live a happy, simple, balanced life and stay focused on what is positive. Happiness is a choice and one I choose daily along with boundary management in all aspects of my life.

Last week, I chose to watch Michelle Obama spend her last week at the White House with utmost grace, class, and style which is how she always conducts herself.

I saw the above photo of Michelle with the quote beside it and it really allowed me to step back and ponder who I am and what I have done with my life at the young age of 50!

I ventured into entrepreneurship at the young age of 24. All my friends were out partying and I was writing my business plan and setting goals. My first client was the Australian government. I jumped in with two feet, a knowledge to learn and passion that was unwavering. Jetting over to Australia in 1994 was one of the most exciting business trips of my life! Business meetings, speaking and engaging on an international level was so exhilarating!

I had to think back to who I was in elementary school and see the path of how I got to where I am.

After Sheryl Sandberg stated the quote below about fostering leadership with young girls who are assertive, communicative, passionate and excited about certain topics and subjects in school, it was the ‘aha’ moment for me. That was me. I had to go back and read all my elementary school report cards and did so with much enjoyment and laughter. I was that young bossy girl, now I am that woman who enjoys being a true leader and helping others in any capacity be the best version of themselves.

My dad taught me to always say yes and have confidence. Negotiation was key to be part of the big boys club as I worked my way through the entrepreneurial sea.

In my 30’s I thrived and also returned to University to finish some courses to further my passion and knowledge and also did a lot of traveling around the world speaking and offering consulting on community-based rehabilitation.

In my 40’s, I continue to do a lot of travel, yet managed my work life balance raising two young daughters with a supportive, awesome husband at home who was and continues to be my #1 fan and cheerleader.

After 26 years as an entrepreneur, Michelle Obama gave me the ‘aha’ moment of seeing, knowing and truly believing in my heart and soul that I have helped a lot of people. I’ve made some significant differences in their lives and for that, I am the proudest of. Yes, I have financially done well in this timeframe, but my joy comes from reflecting back on my client’s happiness, tears and pure emotion that I was privileged enough to witness and be part of.

My nana also taught me that if I did what I loved the money would also come. Well, Nana, you were right!

My business has afforded me with clients all over the globe. I have spoken all over Canada and the United States. My consulting practice took me to the UK, Italy, and Australia.

My coaching business has grown to have clients in 22+ countries to date and growing and is completely online now.

At 50, I am now ready to have an even simpler life and slow down a bit. My blog audience has significantly grown over the past 5 years. I continue to enjoy writing and thoroughly enjoy the online coaching I do with my clients all over the globe. It’s a privilege and I love all the different logistics, especially time zones! The different cultures intrigue me and keep my interest peaked and I love all the different accents I get to hear. The #1 common thread in my coaching business is that I am enhancing effective communication with my coaching business and that to me is a success!

Success is not measured by a number of years, your bank account or miles traveled. It’s about lying your head down at night on your pillow at night and knowing that you gave 150% that day and helped someone.

I am authentic in my coaching with work life balance which I’ve now coined as work-life fit. There’s no cookie cutter way to get this in your life. We must determine the ‘imbalance’ and then move forward with strategies and goals. We ‘fit’ what is missing, yet, important to you. This changes over time as you can imagine.

I live this every day of my life. Here’s a sample day for me:

  1. Each day starts with morning reflection and gratitude.
  2. Each day I work out at the gym
  3. I have quality time with my husband and two daughters
  4. Daily meditation
  5. ‘Me’ time to think and reflect
  6. Planned day of work activities (monetary and non-monetary)
  7. Connect with a friend (daily), not on social media
  8. Cooking (I eat clean 99% of the time!)

Every other weekend I have a shift at our local Hospice. That fills up my soul and it’s another element of my giving back to my community.

I am in love with fitness. I love waking up and moving my body and realizing that health is wealth. I am strong, fit and super healthy. I am proud to be 50 and in the best shape of my life. I am looking to expand my knowledge in the fitness industry and who knows where this will take me. All I know is that it’s super fun, I feel fantastic and love hanging out with other healthy, fit, like-minded individuals!

My message this week is to find what makes you happy. I know many professionals who make a lot of money, yet they are not happy or doing what they love.

Life is too short to be wasted. Find what makes you happy. It’s not always attached to material things or money. When you spend time on your ‘why’ this is so apparent.

Here’s to you having a wonderful, balanced 2017!

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