Balance = Self-Alignment

This week has been full of many stories in the media.  From politics to trauma to crazy weather around the globe.

The repetitiveness that I witnessed this week in my clients was frustration, doubt, fear and an overall mood of “Why am I doing this?”.

It allowed me to ponder this week for my blog and ask the simple question of “What is the catalyst that has led to them feeling this way?”

I truly believe weather affects us in many ways. Cognitively, it can lead to mental fatigue and the many emotions.   What is the link here? What can we do to eliminate or help with these feelings?


This graphic was sent to me from a colleague in Dubai. I realized how perfect it was to compliment my blog topic as that is exactly what I was coaching my clients and my group to do this week.


In the midst of chaos. Pause.

In the midst of uncertainty. Pause.

Doubting your abilities. Pause.

The spoken word of anger. Pause.

PAUSE has many great uses and can be pulled out of our busy lives at any time to solve anything and to gain clarity for resolution.

Sometimes amidst the noise, we need to have an influx of quiet to settle any and all difficulties. This will truly allow you to reach and have #worklifebalance.

As you start your week, put PAUSE in your toolkit for the influxes of situations that can and will appear. It will be your best defence in silence that will help you and the situation.

Helping businesses with work-life balance strategies to have healthy, happy employees!

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