Are you living authentically with balance?

Confession: This week I am late writing my blog. #authentic

Life as we know happens and situations occur.  This past weekend a very dear friend of mine lost his mother suddenly. What happens? Work life balance is interrupted and we humbly and gratefully support our loved ones and friends as much as we can.

Not getting my ‘weekly’ blog done did not upset me, stress me or evoke any emotion.  The reasoning is that I often talk about ‘ebbing and flowing’ and when you get through a situation, you get yourself back on track with your own #worklifebalance.  That’s the magic answer and the key to maintaining work life balance.

I have reflected over the past five days and realized how important it is for us to be there for our family and friends and allow our life to take a brief ‘halt’. Listening is the key to anyone experiencing a trauma or loss in their life. Be present that is all they want from you.

I’ve been asked a lot lately do I really live authentically with balance.  The answer is simply, yes I do.  I talk my talk and walk my walk each day of my life.  I am happy, healthy and live simple.

You can set a goal but without thought, planning and execution, it’s not a goal it’s words in your head or on paper if you got that far.

I chose the picture above for this blog as I wanted to show all of your reading this blog that I get up every morning at 6:00 a.m. to go to my gym BPM Fitness ( to join the amazing group of women pictured in the photo above to workout at 7:00 a.m.  We workout every day of the work week – Monday to Friday.

This group of women are accountable to each other. They promote each other, cheer each other on and more importantly we all are an element of each other’s work life balance.

We all decided on a goal, committed to the gym, chose a schedule and all of us just do it. No magic wand, potion, pill or hypnosis needed. Just true grit combined with hard work and a willingness to be fit, happy and the best version of ourselves every day.

We show up, work out hard and reap the benefits all day long in energy and it certainly sets the tone for our day and we can conquer anything. Our physical fitness increases our mental agility.

My message to you this week is that if you don’t like where you are, move on, you’re not a tree!

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