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  • Work Life Balance – Happy & Fit

    Happy & Fit: How Exercise Can Help You Live Longer Fitness is and will always be a component of my life. True wealth is having good health always and especially as you age. Being in my 50’s only confirms that movement is crucial every day and small steps over time always equals long term gains! […]

  • What I learned from Michelle Obama

    I choose to live a happy, simple, balanced life and stay focused on what is positive. Happiness is a choice and one I choose daily along with boundary management in all aspects of my life. Last week, I chose to watch Michelle Obama spend her last week at the White House with utmost grace, class, […]

  • Work – Life – Fit!

    This week can be described in one word. WOW! I had the honor and privilege of being invited to CanFitPro Expo 2016 in Toronto and also to present on my favorite topic #worklifebalance. To speak to personal trainers and gym owners (entrepreneurs) on strategies for work-life balance was exhilarating! From this day forward, I have now changed the […]

  • Small Business Balance

    This week I was asked to be a guest blogger. Specifically, to write about work life balance for the small business owner. Firstly, I would like to thank Olivia Garrison, Director of Communications from for asking me to be their guest blogger. I was 24 years old when I started my company.  That was many moons […]

  • Free Time Balancing (June 12, 2016)

    For this week’s blog I want to dive in and really chat about spare time.  Each week I notice family, friends, co-workers and my clients struggling with what they want to do versus what they feel they should do in their free or spare time. Work life balance is having a schedule with allotted time for all the elements […]

  • Work Life Balance Getting Employees Back to Work

    Our week consists of 168 hours. How are you spending them? Insurance adjusters, human resource professionals and adjudicators review and monitors sickness and illness short-term disability claims all day long to mitigate and find the best strategy to create an effective return to work plan. Understanding your employee’s life at work as well as the […]

  • Political Balance

    The above photo makes me smile on so many levels.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau are greeted by an honour guard while arriving in Tokyo on May 23, 2016. (Photo Credit: Sean Kilpatrick/CP) Each week I see articles and listen to podcasts that #worklifebalance is a myth and again, it makes me smile. […]

  • Balance Rx

    It’s the heart that matters. If you are feeling overworked, overtired and generally overwhelmed, now is the time to recognize, stop and implement a solution before you become so unraveled that you are what I like to say My prescription is easy, simple and can done virtually anywhere, anytime. Balance Rx: Ground yourself, once a […]

  • Strategically plan to balance

    Living in a country as beautiful as Canada, I welcome and thoroughly enjoy having four seasons. The change in seasons is always welcome. Spring brings renewal and growth and I am finding that many companies have and/or are shifting their strategic planning sessions to the pre-spring or spring months.  Many managers are using the analogy […]

  • The Holiday Balance

    I’ve always loved the expression “Work hard, play hard”. To me, it’s not a motto, it’s an attitude. Most people work doing what they love and also take the time off to have a holiday and embrace the true meaning of a holiday. What exactly is that?  Here’s my list that I neverstray from: Disconnect from technology […]