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  • Self-Care – It’s not what you think

    Deb Crowe is a passionate self-care educator who really walks her talk. She’s a coach, author, speaker, and yoga teacher who after seeing first hand how over-stressed women ended up in crisis with disease and disabilities, decided that she had to do something about it. Learning self-care and what it means to me has been […]

  • Spiritually Balancing Your Mindset

    Spiritually Balancing Your Mindset

    This week, I am truly honored to have Dr. Josefina Monesterio as my guest blogger. She is in her 70’s but you would never know it! Her energy, passion, motivation, and approach to life is truly inspiring! Enjoy her blog! She is a force to be reckoned with! Check out her new book (link below) […]

  • Balancing The Change

    Balancing The Change

    It was January 2015. I was working on my book on #worklifebalance when Jim Britt called me. I had seen Jim Britt speak and knew how he was one of the foundational leaders in the world of personal development and was also was one of the many great men to coach Tony Robbins. Jim Britt […]

  • 86,400


    Each day is a perfect opportunity to start wanting or having work life balance or perhaps start again as your previous attempts did not work out like you had hoped. Work life balance must begin with your commitment to change and embrace your imbalance. Each day you are gifted with 86,400 seconds.  How will you choose to spend them? […]