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  • Balance What You See

    Being at the start of a new year allows me to feel excitement, potential and endless possibilities. My passion is work life balance. My speaking engagements allow me to reach larger audiences as well as present consulting opportunities with companies to assist them (specifically their HR departments) with strategies to help people get off short-term […]

  • Balancing the What-If-Itis

    Welcome to 2016! Ready for the next journey in your new beautiful book full of 365 pages?  We are now into day 5. So far, I am impressed with the launch of this new year. All that it will bring has been up to me.  My goals, dreams and aspirations. Sitting in silence and finding […]

  • Goodbye, 2015 – Hello 2016 with Balance!

    My last blog of the year.  Wow…where has this year gone?  More importantly, how fun is it to reflect back on twelve months of pure awesomeness! Yes, I love this word! Learning, growing, achieving and self-reflection all come to my mind. It’s been a year of new relationships (personally and professionally). Travel to new places, […]

  • End the Year with Balance

    Well, here we are as another year is about to come to an end. It’s so meaningful for me to reflect back on the last twelve months and the many amazing memories that I have. Meeting new people, co-authoring two books, travelling to new places, valuing new relationships, feeling daily gratitude for all the amazing […]

  • Balance can be key to Caregiver Respite

    This week, I am pleased to have Jess Dickie as my guest blogger. Jess is a Music Therapist and is truly a great balance for many families who have a child or relative with a disability. When one’s communicative skills are comprised, music is always a fun modality for an engaging, meaning activity. When a family needs […]

  • Embracing Balance at Christmas Time

    Christmas can be a busy time of the year for all of us.  The key is to remember all the Work-Life Balance strategies you utilize the other 11 months of the year and what is working for you. One common goal that brings us all together is that we all wish for our friends and […]

  • It’s Time to Balance your Stress Resilience

    We all make mistakes in our lives.  Whether it is in our personal life or professionally.  We are human. Everyone deserves a second chance, it’s like getting back up after something you have worked on has failed.  FAIL simply stands for First Attempt In Learning. Sometimes feeling ‘uneasy’ on the inside can be good.  It’s your innate ability or as some […]

  • Choose to Balance & Make A Life

    With all of the current events going on in the world, I felt very compelled to blog about one simple choice you can make in your life to ensure pure happiness. Many people strive to have it all.  Big home, fancy car, latest fashion, etc. The materialistic side of life can certainly be inviting, however, at the […]

  • Balance Both Sides

    Where you are in your life is a pure milestone, however, it does not define you or who you are as a human being. It only emits a moment in time that can be changed in a split second. The catalyst is you. Everything you are wanting to do or are even contemplating doing is within […]

  • Balancing Yourself with the Right People

    Lately, I’ve been hearing an old familiar phrase on a regular basis.  Birds of a feather flock together. Over the past six months, I have privately mentored men and women from all walks of life. What is intriguing to me is the age span that has approached me for assistance with work-life balance. I have […]