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  • Finding Social Balance

    Do you remember the days when you went to your mailbox and found a handwritten letter or invitation and the excitement you felt to open it? Formal communication has certainly changed since the internet came into our lives. People are losing the face-to-face art of communication and leaning on the expeditious joy of texting and […]

  • A Balanced Foundation = Being in Joy

    Last weekend (March 19, 2016), I was invited to a workshop entitled “Being in Joy”. I had no expectations going in, other than I am open to receive. The facilitator for the workshop was Justin Darling.  You can view his Linked In profile here – Justin is the epitome of not only ‘talking the talk’ […]

  • Strategically plan to balance

    Living in a country as beautiful as Canada, I welcome and thoroughly enjoy having four seasons. The change in seasons is always welcome. Spring brings renewal and growth and I am finding that many companies have and/or are shifting their strategic planning sessions to the pre-spring or spring months.  Many managers are using the analogy […]

  • Are you digging for balance?

    Remember your dreams? Those visions and words in your mind that whispered from your soul? Is it time to stir things up in your life?  This week lets look at some strategies to do just that. Who is in your inner circle? Who is your posse? This is usually the first place to review, reflect, […]

  • The Holiday Balance

    I’ve always loved the expression “Work hard, play hard”. To me, it’s not a motto, it’s an attitude. Most people work doing what they love and also take the time off to have a holiday and embrace the true meaning of a holiday. What exactly is that?  Here’s my list that I neverstray from: Disconnect from technology […]

  • Stress: The Double-Edged Sword

    This week, I am delighted to have Justin Darling as my guest blogger. Stress: The Double-Edged Sword Is stress a good thing or a bad thing? How do you manage your stress? Can you control your stress? Stress appears in our relationships, our businesses, our health and even our spiritual practice.   In the moment stress is accompanied […]

  • Authentically Balanced

    We’ve all heard the expression “everything happens for a reason”. The truth is that is the way our life has been designed. The best way to start this blog is that you don’t change your behavior when everything is going smooth and totally awesome in your life. It’s when the imbalance sneaks in and puts you off […]

  • Are you a receiver?

    It’s very hard at times to always be a giver.  You must allow yourself to receive and allow that element of balance into your life, in business and your personal life. During the course of a work week, I speak with many professionals across various sectors in business. The latest conversation that seems to be repetitively spoken to […]

  • Achieving a Breakthrough with Balance

    This week I feel compelled to write my blog about dreams.  They are the foundation of our being. It’s what we think about, visualize and in the case of the graphic above, for some people, it’s a prayer and a faith that cannot be broken. Many of my clients develop their goals very well.  Setting […]

  • Balance your Expectations

    Seeing. Believing. Two different avenues that we do each and every day of our lives. Do you live your life seeing with focus or without focus? This week, I want to challenge you.  Don’t be satisfied with better.  Keep the faith and challenge yourself to be excellent, deliver excellence and let that be your meter on the abundance gauge, without wavering. […]