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  • Time for a cognitive reset?

    I decided to take a technology break from writing my blog and have not written a blog since June 12, 2016. It was a solo experiment of further practicing and being authentically present to my own work life balance. Have we become generations who are distracted easily? We are wasting hours a day checking information […]

  • Free Time Balancing (June 12, 2016)

    For this week’s blog I want to dive in and really chat about spare time.  Each week I notice family, friends, co-workers and my clients struggling with what they want to do versus what they feel they should do in their free or spare time. Work life balance is having a schedule with allotted time for all the elements […]

  • Political Balance

    The above photo makes me smile on so many levels.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau are greeted by an honour guard while arriving in Tokyo on May 23, 2016. (Photo Credit: Sean Kilpatrick/CP) Each week I see articles and listen to podcasts that #worklifebalance is a myth and again, it makes me smile. […]

  • Mom of the Month History

    May is always a special month for me.  It starts with the second Sunday and the celebration of Mother’s Day. Being a mother is truly one of the greatest gifts that life gives us. A week later it’s my birthday and my family deems that May is really all about me! I gracefully accept that! […]

  • I have found the ‘unbalance’

    I live in a beautiful city called London, located in a breathtakingly beautiful province called Ontario and a country I am so proud to live in Canada. Each day I awake with a mantra to “be a miracle”. This allows me to start my day with gratitude and be the best version of myself and […]

  • Are you living authentically with balance?

    Confession: This week I am late writing my blog. #authentic Life as we know happens and situations occur.  This past weekend a very dear friend of mine lost his mother suddenly. What happens? Work life balance is interrupted and we humbly and gratefully support our loved ones and friends as much as we can. Not […]

  • Is it time to balance your bucket list?

    This week I reflected on how many conversations I’ve had with friends, colleagues and family on the topic of someday I want to do ______________. The various answers to that question of ‘someday’ led me to realize that people are waiting for the bucket list of wishes and of course my inquisitive mind is WHY? This week I […]

  • Balance Rx

    It’s the heart that matters. If you are feeling overworked, overtired and generally overwhelmed, now is the time to recognize, stop and implement a solution before you become so unraveled that you are what I like to say My prescription is easy, simple and can done virtually anywhere, anytime. Balance Rx: Ground yourself, once a […]

  • Balance your Worries

    This week let’s delve into the emotion of worry.  Why do we worry? Everyone does it.  Worrying will not stop the bad stuff from happening. It just stops YOU from enjoying the good. We’ve all heard the expression of a certain percentage (90%) of what we worry about never happens! (have a look here! It’s 85% of us […]

  • Balancing the Art of Conversation

    Before you read this week’s blog turn off your cell phone or silence it.  Be present, read and process.  That is step one.  Ready? Why are we losing the art of conversation?  Do you know what the ingredients are for a good conversation? Technology has certainly played a huge reason of losing face to face […]