Category: Lifestyle

  • Understanding Time

    I chose to give myself a break for a few weeks from writing my blog as I had a lot going on in my life both personally and professionally. Sometimes to fully understand and appreciate the time you need to pause or for some of us stop and reflect fully. It was 1988 and my […]

  • What I learned from Michelle Obama

    I choose to live a happy, simple, balanced life and stay focused on what is positive. Happiness is a choice and one I choose daily along with boundary management in all aspects of my life. Last week, I chose to watch Michelle Obama spend her last week at the White House with utmost grace, class, […]

  • Who are you?

    Here we are 6 days into a New Year. How are you feeling about yourself and life in general? This week alone, I have had several messages asking me “how” I do what I do. I have ruminated on the messages and felt I should dedicate my blog to the answers I gave to many […]

  • Year End Balance

    As we say goodbye to 2016, I have many beautiful memories of the year. My favourite memory is my ability to maintain my daily positive mindset as well as start and end my day with gratitude. I have honed this skill in 2016 and it will strengthen each day forward as we start 2017. Every […]

  • Will your passion balance you?

    If I asked you a simple question could you answer it? What is your passion? Don’t think – say in the moment what it is. It is there ruminating in your subconscious mind. 18 months ago, I created a model for a one-day women’s conference so that women could attend for many different reasons. I […]

  • Serving Others is True Balance

    Every three months I organize a social gathering with my two colleagues Courtney Hance and Paul Campbell. Our group, London Ontario Professional Network (LOPN) has now grown to 4400+ members and we are very proud of our continual, steady growth. We are often asked “why” we choose a non-profit or community organization when we plan […]

  • Balancing Miracles!

    September. It’s my favourite month of the year.  For many, it brings back routine, especially with children returning to school. For me, it means renewal, root vegetables, apples, my anniversary and so much more! The change of season has always been a favourite of mine. The crisp air, the early morning risers experiencing the darkness […]

  • Work – Life – Fit!

    This week can be described in one word. WOW! I had the honor and privilege of being invited to CanFitPro Expo 2016 in Toronto and also to present on my favorite topic #worklifebalance. To speak to personal trainers and gym owners (entrepreneurs) on strategies for work-life balance was exhilarating! From this day forward, I have now changed the […]

  • Balance = Self-Alignment

    This week has been full of many stories in the media.  From politics to trauma to crazy weather around the globe. The repetitiveness that I witnessed this week in my clients was frustration, doubt, fear and an overall mood of “Why am I doing this?”. It allowed me to ponder this week for my blog […]

  • What Level Is Your Stress Meter At?

    Stress…that 6 letter word that people love adding ‘ed’ to the end (stressed) and then commenting by saying, look at it backwards and it spells desserts. I never got the pun that looking at a word backwards would make my pallet tempted by visualizing delicious desserts and make me feel less stressed? Managing stress is […]