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  • 3 Things That Prevent You From Achieving Work-Life Integration

    Work-life integration is a trending topic nowadays. Not only is it taking center stage in the face of its predecessor, the work-life balance, but it’s also addressing some of the critical issues that have plagued the latter for so long. To keep it brief, work-life balance attempts to establish harmony in someone’s life by setting a […]

  • Work-Life Balance and Work-Life Integration: What’s the Difference Between Them?

    Living in the digital age automatically implies that one’s personal and professional life are constantly blurring. It means that try as we might, we will never be able to strike a perfect balance between these two worlds. What we can do, however, is to try and integrate both work and life in such a way […]

  • Happy International Women’s day!

    It warms my heart that March is dedicated to International Women’s Month. Today, March 8, 2018, is International Women’s Day. Celebrating this day means so much to me. Firstly, it means that as a strong woman, I am confident, resilient and can uphold those emotional traits with an unwavering proudness. Sure, there have been people […]

  • Don’t think, live outside of the box!

    I’ve always been intrigued to be at an event and to be asked, “What do you do?” Enter your well-versed thirty-second elevator speech where you condense who you are and what you do for the new person you are speaking with. Their non-verbal communication of body language, facial expression, and their eyes if they are […]

  • Thank you 2017!

    I have decided to write my year-end blog early as I am off to our nation’s capital Ottawa, Ontario for New Year’s Eve with my husband John to ring in the New Year at a gala charity ball! The tuxedo and ball gown are ready and so are our cousins who we will be joining […]

  • A letter to all women over 40! #lifematters #FabFitTribe

    Do you know the power in being physically fit and feeling at 51? I, myself, did not know what fitness feels like for a major chunk of my life. But after discovering how wonderful that kind of healthiness can feel, and the advantages it can offer, I’d like to help other women my age find the same […]

  • Lost your Balance? Hope is here….

    There are moments in life when things don’t go well and you are left frankly unbalanced on all levels. I am proud to know that there is a place in my city, London, Ontario that sees this as opportunity. Whether you are new to our beautiful country or you know someone who could use a […]

  • My Global Community – 26 countries and growing!

    A phone call can change everything. It was October 2015 and I was speaking with Jim Britt (Tony Robbin’s first mentor) and Jim Lutes whom I have great admiration and respect for. They are my mentors, business colleagues, and have become my true friends. I had a vision to create a radio show to create […]

  • Time to embrace the F word

    This week I am thrilled to have my colleague and awesome friend Amy Slater as my guest blogger. This powerhouse speaker is in demand and has spoken all over the world! Amy continues to share her greatness and be a trailblazer to shift paradigms. Enjoy her blog and prepare yourself to embrace the F word […]

  • Here’s to Balancing Social Media

    This week I am pleased to introduce you to one of the social media entrepreneurs who is trailblazing and making his own path. Marshal Gillen is a true leader, not a follower. He is raw, real and a creative genius. He is a millennial to follow and watch. I can tell you first hand that […]