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  • It’s Not What You ______, It’s HOW You _______.

    This week it’s truly an honor for me to have Karlton Meadows as my guest blogger. Karlton is a professional colleague and friend. At 46, Karlton became part of the University of Tampa Track Team only to excel and become the 2016 USA Track & Field Silver Medalist! What I can tell you for sure […]

  • Work Life Balance – Happy & Fit

    Happy & Fit: How Exercise Can Help You Live Longer Fitness is and will always be a component of my life. True wealth is having good health always and especially as you age. Being in my 50’s only confirms that movement is crucial every day and small steps over time always equals long term gains! […]

  • What I learned from Michelle Obama

    I choose to live a happy, simple, balanced life and stay focused on what is positive. Happiness is a choice and one I choose daily along with boundary management in all aspects of my life. Last week, I chose to watch Michelle Obama spend her last week at the White House with utmost grace, class, […]

  • Work – Life – Fit!

    This week can be described in one word. WOW! I had the honor and privilege of being invited to CanFitPro Expo 2016 in Toronto and also to present on my favorite topic #worklifebalance. To speak to personal trainers and gym owners (entrepreneurs) on strategies for work-life balance was exhilarating! From this day forward, I have now changed the […]

  • Balance = Self-Alignment

    This week has been full of many stories in the media.  From politics to trauma to crazy weather around the globe. The repetitiveness that I witnessed this week in my clients was frustration, doubt, fear and an overall mood of “Why am I doing this?”. It allowed me to ponder this week for my blog […]

  • Are you living authentically with balance?

    Confession: This week I am late writing my blog. #authentic Life as we know happens and situations occur.  This past weekend a very dear friend of mine lost his mother suddenly. What happens? Work life balance is interrupted and we humbly and gratefully support our loved ones and friends as much as we can. Not […]

  • Goodbye, 2015 – Hello 2016 with Balance!

    My last blog of the year.  Wow…where has this year gone?  More importantly, how fun is it to reflect back on twelve months of pure awesomeness! Yes, I love this word! Learning, growing, achieving and self-reflection all come to my mind. It’s been a year of new relationships (personally and professionally). Travel to new places, […]

  • It’s Time to Balance your Stress Resilience

    We all make mistakes in our lives.  Whether it is in our personal life or professionally.  We are human. Everyone deserves a second chance, it’s like getting back up after something you have worked on has failed.  FAIL simply stands for First Attempt In Learning. Sometimes feeling ‘uneasy’ on the inside can be good.  It’s your innate ability or as some […]