Lead Well, Live Well.

Lead Well,
Live Well.

How to Master the Art of Heart in Life and Leadership

How to Master
the Art of Heart
in Life and Leadership

Award-Winning International Best Selling Author Deborah Crowe offers personalized coaching one-on-one and group for clients anywhere in the world, empowering you to feel good about your life, skills, and career goals.

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Meet Deborah Crowe

With over three decades of traversing the global landscape and a kaleidoscope of life experiences, Deborah has become a beacon of unconventional wisdom and boundless curiosity. Her unconventional approach to leadership and her relentless pursuit of learning have reshaped traditional paradigms.
Deborah's expertise extends far beyond the confines of conventional leadership. She is a trailblazer in fostering inclusive workplaces, championing change management, and nurturing the human spirit. Her work is a testament to the transformative power of vulnerability and authenticity in leadership.

Deborah's voice resonates with authenticity and warmth as a best-selling author and dynamic speaker. Her debut solo book, "The Heart-Centered Leadership Playbook," serves as a roadmap for navigating the complexities of modern leadership with grace and courage.
Beyond accolades and achievements, Deborah's true calling lies in guiding others toward their path of self-discovery and growth. With unwavering tenacity and compassionate listening, she empowers individuals to embrace their vulnerabilities and unlock their full potential.

In her life, Deborah finds joy in the simple pleasures of community, connection, and family. Whether volunteering, teaching yoga, or relishing in moments with her cherished loved ones including her husband, two daughters and two granddaughters, she embodies the essence of living wholeheartedly. Deborah continues to embrace life's journey with open arms, knowing that true fulfillment lies in embracing the messy, imperfect beauty of being human.

The Heart-Centered Leadership Playbook

The Heart-Centered Leadership Playbook is a valuable resource for leaders aspiring to create meaningful connections, foster inclusivity, and drive success through a compassionate and emotionally alive approach to leadership.

Peter Devlin

President, Fanshawe College, London ON, Canada

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Full-Circle Life Moments

“It’s easy to look back on our lives and be self-critical. But there is magic in learning. Imperfection guides us to learn, grow, do , and be the best version of ourselves. I wouldn’t change any season of my life; each has provided lessons, reasoning, and continual growth.“

Imperfect: The Heart-Centered Leadership Podcast

300+ Global Heart-Centered Leaders Interviewed
Captivating Audiences In 65 Countries

Deb Crowe’s podcast conversations are both insightful and inspiring. From picking the right leader to showcase to asking the right questions she know how to shine spotlight on the leader and make the conversation very relatable to the listener. Listening to her podcasts while I am working has become a habit for me.

Srivatsan Nemili Aravamudan

Join us as we explore the real-life challenges and triumphs of heart-centered leaders who embrace imperfection and vulnerability on their journey to success. From business leaders to community organizers, we’ll dive into the mindset, strategies and heart-centered practices that can help you lead with authenticity and purpose.

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Work With Deborah

Are you ready to take your heart-centered leadership to the next level? As a heart-centered leadership coach, Deborah specializes in helping leaders like you tap into their authentic selves and lead with purpose, passion, and compassion.
With a focus on mindset, strategy, and heart-centered practices, coaching sessions will help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to take your leadership skills to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or a new entrepreneur, Deborah is here to support you on your journey to mastering heart. Connect today to explore how you can work together to achieve your leadership goals!

Is This You?

  • Do you struggle to balance your head and heart when making important decisions?
  • Are you looking to build more authentic, meaningful relationships with your team or community?
  • Do you find yourself feeling burned out or disconnected from your work, despite your passion for your mission?
  • Are you ready to embrace imperfection and vulnerability as a key component of heart-centered leadership?

And You Want To...

  • Lead with both your head and heart, making confident, authentic decisions that align with your purpose.
  • Cultivate deeper, more meaningful connections with your team, clients, and community to create positive change together.
  • Rediscover your passion and align it with your values to create a more fulfilling career.
  • Embrace imperfection and vulnerability to build trust, connection, and resilience, inspiring others to lead with authenticity and empathy.

Author Spotlight

The Heart-Centered Leadership Playbook is for anyone who believes they are a leader. We all can continue to learn from each other, evolve, and not have our value system, or worth and worthiness, attached to an identity - especially a job title and the responsibilities that come with it.


Deborah Crowe is a leader in her field. I am thankful for her leadership coaching in my professional and personal self-growth.

Kerri Whitehead

Boston, MA USA
The Heart-Centered Leadership Playbook is full of authenticity, vulnerability, truths and passion for people's wellbeing. It is one of the best books I have read in recent years.

Dr. P.S. Luke

London, England
Deb has a passion for people, first and foremost - with an innate gift for developing a genuine rapport. I met her when she spoke at a leadership conference in New York City then I hired her for leadership coaching the same day!

Mike Greenly

New York, USA
Deb is an active listener, non-judgmental and above all she is extremely empathetic. She creates a space where it's free to discuss any topic.

Fortune Masawi

Toronto, ON

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Connection with people is the key to happiness and success, as it allows us to look inward and feel valued , heard and validated.

Connect With Deborah

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Connection with people is the key to happiness and success, as it allows us to look inward and feel valued , heard and validated.